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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Our Mom

Mom is a little upset with us because we're fighting so much. She had hoped that sharing a blog would make us learn to get along a little better. To placate her for now, and since some of the other cats have recently featured their people, we thought that we'd dedicate today's Thursday Thirteen to her.

13 Things About our Mom:
  1. Her favorite color is green, which is also her eye color. She loves the green vegetation of Virginia.
  2. She shares a birthday with Dragonheart's Mom, but our Mom, at nearly a half century, is much older.
  3. She is a chocoholic and especially likes dark chocolate (like Jack).
  4. She went to college in the colonial fairyland city of Williamsburg, Virginia.
  5. She loves to go hiking and has hiked and camped with Dad in many western states and Canada.
  6. She has worked for more than 26 years for a large local government in Northern Virginia and is a native of the area.
  7. She loves nature and gardening and was president of the local chapter of the Virginia Native Plants Society.
  8. Despite being 15 pounds heavier than when she was 16, she now fits into smaller sized clothes.
  9. She was a "dog person" when she was a little girl, then became more of a "cat person" when her family adopted Tony the cat at the urging of her little sister. (Thank goodness Mom wised up!)
  10. She loves to bake--especially cookies and pies from scratch. (Hmm, we've never tried baking after we've scratched.)
  11. She is thinking about retirement in the fairly near future and cannot decide WHERE she would like to retire. Any recommendations, anyone?
  12. Her favorite novelist is Jane Austen, but besides Pride and Prejudice and Emma, one of her favorite novels is The Catcher in the Rye, which was recommended to her by her big brother when she was a young teenager.
  13. She is a terrible procrastinator and may have to leave us high and dry on this blog for a while because she has several projects to complete this month including her taxes.

If anyone wants to know what Mom looks like you, can find her here. Just scroll down and look for the woman wearing a cat shirt and a fleece jacket in her favorite color. You can also find her here on pages nine and ten.

That should gratify Mom's vanity for now and get us off the hook for whining and fighting.


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At Friday, April 06, 2007 4:46:00 AM, Blogger Dragonheart said...

Very nice of you to dedicate your Thursday Thirteen to your mom. She sounds like a great person! Our mom's not only share the same birthday, but they both have green eyes and like dark chocolate!

Your mom is very pretty. :) She doesn't look old at all!

At Friday, April 06, 2007 9:39:00 AM, Blogger jeter harris said...

deer j + b,
mi mom iz disappointed wid me fer never dedicatin mi thursday thirteen to her! thankz alot!
i enjoyed reedin abowt yer mom, tho!
luv--yer frend--jh

At Friday, April 06, 2007 10:17:00 AM, Blogger The Meezer Gang said...

Our Mom's have some things in common!!! Number 1, 3, and especially 12!!! Jeter better post a TT for his Mom soon, cause this is the second time he's in trouble for this! haha...

At Friday, April 06, 2007 12:56:00 PM, Blogger Daisy said...

I can see why your Mom likes green because she looks so pretty in that color! There are lots of good places to go hiking in Virginia. I think your Mom sounds nice. I liked learning more about her.

At Saturday, April 07, 2007 3:22:00 AM, Blogger Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh your mom sounds wonderful. Our mom has green eyes too! She says she can not bake but we know when she does all the snot faced teenagers eat the gooey chocolate stuff. Maybe if we scratch for her she would more often!

Sending purrs

At Saturday, April 07, 2007 4:27:00 AM, Blogger Diamond said...

Hello Jake and Bathsheba, Lynettea was interested to hear that your mom likes Jane Austen. She recently went to a new film about Jane Austen's life, called "Becoming Jane". Lynettea thinks your mom would like it.
Miauow, Miauow, miauow.

At Saturday, April 07, 2007 10:54:00 PM, Blogger One of us said...

Furry nice TT ~Poiland Tribe

At Sunday, April 08, 2007 9:24:00 PM, Blogger Rosie & Cheeto said...

Green is a grate colur...it's the colur of catgrass!!!

Yer lady shuld retire with yoo bowth ovur here! Yoo all culd move into owr apartmunt and we culd have parties evaryday! It mite be kinda tight but we'll take turns sitting in the sun spots.

At Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:12:00 PM, Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Our Lady says she'd like to retire to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She's never lived there, but she loves the place. She says it's big enough, but small enough, with just the right amount of everything, but not too much of anything. Plus, there's a river and it's very scenic.

At Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:12:00 PM, Blogger DaisyMae Maus said...

I recommend San Diego, Catifornia ('cuz then we'd be closer, Jake!) ... Although it's furry expensive to live her ... Sigh.

At Thursday, April 12, 2007 11:31:00 PM, Blogger Skeezix said...

The FL and Mr TF wood like to reetire to sumplace "off the grid." Like in a unabomber shak in Montana or sumthing.

Yer mom is vary pritty. How many yeers ago were thoze fotos taken? Cuz she only looks abowt 28 yeers old in the fotos. The FL reely liked the Montychello fotos becuz it's one of her faverite spots, and she wunts to take Mr TF thare.

She and the FL have a lot in common, like with 5, 7, 10, 12 and 13. Ixsept that her taxes are dun. Cuz Mr TF did them and he's not a prokrastinayter. She wishes she had 11 in commun with yer ladey.


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