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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mancat at the Office

Hi everyone, Jake here. Some of my friends know that I have not been well lately. I have no conclusive diagnosis, but it's probably related to my hyperthyroidism.

Mom became unhappy with my regular clinic, so she decided to get a second opinion from a holistic veterinarian. She practices conventional medicine plus things like acupucture. Unfortunately, she is located several towns away. I had my first appointment there on Monday, January 19 when Mom was off work for the MLK Day holiday. The new doctor mostly agreed with the conventional treatment for me, but I was in bad shape. I would not eat and she was very worried about my anorexia. She gave Mom more meds for me, took my blood, and administered sub-Q fluids.

My follow up appointment was Wednesday at 11 when Mom was to drop me off for the rest of the day. Because the new doctor was closer to where Mom works, she took me to her office in the morning.
I had never been there before, so I had to try out Mom's chair
and explore around the office. Mom's colleagues were surprised that I was so sick because I was very alert and wanted to explore.
The afternoon at the vet's office was almost like I imagined an afternoon at the spa. I was treated very well, the air was wonderfully humidified, there was soft stress-reducing music, and the place smelled good. The doctor said that I had made a lot of progress in those two days.
I am on three different meds, Tapazole for my thyroid, an antibiotic for an infection, and something that acts as an appetite stimulant. The doctor gave Mom some tips on medicating me. Now she wraps me in a towel with just my head poking out so I can't bat her away with my paws. I guess it's for the best, but I hate having pills shoved down my throat.

I'm eating a little better, but still not enough to satisfy Mom. I think the only thing that satisfies her is that I snuggle close to her and purr and purr.
I do a lot of sleeping and this is my favorite spot on Mom's bed when she is not there.
I still feel that I have a lot of life left in me and hope to enjoy Valentine's Day with the lovely DaisyMae.

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At Sunday, January 25, 2009 11:32:00 PM, Blogger William said...

Hi Jake! You had a "Take Your Cat To Work" day! I'm very envious.

I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Now all you have to do is eat more. I should have my mom talk to you--she's an expert on that topic!!

Keep well and continue to improve!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 12:00:00 AM, Blogger Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Jake we hope you start feeling better. All of that is a lot. I quite like my holistic vet too but I would hate to have to stay there all day!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 12:14:00 AM, Blogger LC and Ayla said...

I get hyperthyroid pills too, twicet a day, and I dont like them either.


At Monday, January 26, 2009 6:19:00 AM, Blogger Parker said...

Mommy's first kitty T-Gray had to take medicines for his hyperthyroid too - he lived to be 21! We hope that you feel better and get your appetite back!
Smoochies to you and to Bathsheba!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 7:06:00 AM, Blogger Cecilia, The 2Bs and Madness said...

Oh Jake, we hope you will feel better soon!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 7:35:00 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

oh Jake, we hope that the medi-k-shuns work and that you start to feel better very very soon!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 8:41:00 AM, Blogger Everycat said...

Jake it's good to know you are seeing a nice vet, these holistic vets seem to be very good. I hope you get to eat a little bit more soon and of course enjoy snuggles with your Mom.

Rumbly purrs

Whicky Wuudler

At Monday, January 26, 2009 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Hi Jake..We are glad you are seeing that nice vet. We looked at the website and it looks like a great place.
Our brofur Napoleon would not eat last week, and Momma got him some Whiskas Duck and Chicken in a pouch. He ate that, maybe you could try it!
Our sisfur Sara has Hyper-T and takes those pills two times a day. She rather not, but Momma gives them to her anyway.
Get well and you look very comfy on your Moms bed..
~ Timothy, KittyBoy and Malachi

At Monday, January 26, 2009 2:06:00 PM, Blogger Daisy said...

Jake, I am happy to learn that you found a good vet that you like. We started going to a holistic vet, too. The atmosphere is so much nicer there! I hope you feel all better soon, Jake.

At Monday, January 26, 2009 2:08:00 PM, Blogger Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

The Lap Lady always wants to bring me to work with her. Something about all of the meezing being distracting though...I'm glad you have a new vet helping you. That hollistic stuff REALLY works and they tend to really treat the whole cat rather than just one thing. I hope you're feeling better!


At Monday, January 26, 2009 6:04:00 PM, Blogger Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Jake, we are sorry to hear you are still not well, but glad you are feeling a bit better. We hope your new vet can get you on the right track.

At Monday, January 26, 2009 7:00:00 PM, Blogger The Island Cats said...

Oh Jake, we hope the medicine you are taking makes you feel better and more like eating. It musta been fun going to your mom's office!

At Monday, January 26, 2009 9:59:00 PM, Blogger China Cat said...

Oh, Jake, you are the sweetest mancat and I truly hope that you feel better soon!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

At Tuesday, January 27, 2009 12:12:00 AM, Blogger Max said...

Doood...you gotta get better and to get better you gotta eat well! So eat. Cause I said so. There.

=sigh= Ok, so I know it's not that easy. But I wish it was...

At Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:08:00 PM, Blogger Derby said...

I have never gone to work with mum, but she doesn't have such a nice office either! She just has cubicle.

At Tuesday, January 27, 2009 10:55:00 PM, Blogger jh an Mickey Mantle said...

mi man ...
feel good.
u look hansum.
i wooden't wanna go to werk wid mi mom ... da principul wooden't allow it.

At Wednesday, January 28, 2009 8:16:00 PM, Blogger DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, Jake ... I'm glad that you're respondin' to your medicine an' that you like your v-e-t.

I've been using lots of special lipgloss so that I'm ready for Valentine's Day smooches from YOU!

Kiss, kiss!

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At Tuesday, February 03, 2009 10:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jake I'm very sad to hear your not feeling well.I will be praying and purring for you.


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