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A blog by two cats who used to live in the same house in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, they are both no longer with us.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Great Week on Blogger

Hello, everyone -

We've had a great week with our new blog and we want to thank everyone for stopping by and making friends. We especially want to thank Rosie and Cheeto and Skeezix for all the encouragement and publicity they've given us.

Unfortunately, our secretary (Mom) is going away for the weekend to visit her sister and family in North Carolina, so blogging will resume only upon her return. Mom says they have two beagles and a Bengal cat named Freckles. Maybe she'll share pictures with us all. Don't worry, Dad will be here to meet our needs and keep our food bowls filled on time.

Mom promises to work on posting links to all our new friends' blogs sometime next week. She also needs to help us get caught up on our correspondence with Catster friends. It's hard to find good help these days.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

~Jake and Bathsheba

It's My Turn

Don't be fooled by that "poor little Jake" who has to take awful medicine for the rest of his life. He just loved all the extra attention he got from Mom and Dad when he had to start taking it. Like he even admitted in his motto on Catster , it's all about him. He's so selfish and self-absorbed. He plays up his good looks for all they're worth. With his big eyes, extra long white whiskers, and silky soft striped fur, he just has to look at Mom and Dad and he always gets what he wants or is forgiven for his errant behavior. Sorry I sound bitter, but sometimes it's hard to live in the same house where they're always telling him how beautiful and handsome he is.

I don't want the extra attention from taking pills. Like a lot of my wonderful new friends, I don't do drugs. A couple of times I was supposed to take antiobiotics and I gave Mom a really hard time. She has the scars to prove it. She thought that she could wrap me in a towel, pry open my mouth, drop in a pill, clamp my mouth shut, massage my throat, and wait a few seconds, but I was a master at her game. Once she released me, that pill would shoot far out of my mouth. A few times I would take pity on her and swallow it because she would be reduced to tears, but a cat has to stand on her principles.

I've written enough, and I'm getting tired. Here's a picture of my favorite nap spot, one of the kitchen chairs. It's nice and dark under the table here.

See how big my paw is! Maybe I'm related to those famous Hemingway cats.

Here's a close up of my paw.

Night, night.

~ Bathsheba

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Would You Eat This?

It looks good.

It smells good.

It's FF's liver and chicken in gravy with a crunchy topping of Purina Cat Chow.

But there's something lurking in there.

Medicine! Pill pieces - a half piece and a quarter piece!

Mom hides pills in my food, and can you believe that I don't even notice. She and Dad think it's because I inhale my food. Whatever. The pills are something new for me back in July.

This past winter Mom noticed that I was licking my fur a lot, and I would lick and lick and lick my tummy until some of the fur disappeared. When I went to the doctor, he didn't seem too concerned and said that it was probably "stress." He said he could give me some tranquilizers. Mom laughed at the idea that I could be under stress (well, as you all know, it's hard work being a cool cat, but she didn't see it that way), and she didn't want me on tranquilizers. Maybe we should have tried the 'nip.

By the time for my regular checkup, I had a voracious appetite, yet I seemed to be losing a little bit of weight. I had licked my cute spotted fur from my chest and tummy. Dad wasn't too concerned about the weight because he thought that I was getting a bit porky. Anyway, this time another doctor put on my paperwork that I had something called "alopecia," and he took blood from me. I hate needles, but I was very brave.

The doctor phoned Mom later and said that I have something called hyperthyroidism. I will have to take pills for the rest of my life. At first the doctor said that I should have one pill with each meal. Dad was very concerned about me the first day after starting the pills because I wasn't myself, his "little man." I was what they called "lethargic." I was very tired and wanted to sleep more than usual. Well, that wore off in a day or two, but I still wasn't quite normal.

I had to have another blood test, and the doctor decided that I should have 3/4 of a pill with each meal. Good thing Mom knows how to do fractions. I think it's working out pretty good now. My fur has grown back and my chest looks very handsome again. (Modesty is not my strong point.) Mom wanted to take a picture to show you all, but I wasn't in the mood.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell all my new cat friends that it's not TOO bad to have to take pills, especially if it might make you live longer. I'm only 12, and a long time ago I had a beautiful big sister, a torbie-colored Maine Coon (not like the awful coon that came to my deck) who lived to be 19. I hope to make it to the big two-oh.

~ Jake

Monday, August 28, 2006

Who's Minding the Deck?

'Sheba may think she's so clever by hiding in the jungle, but I know where she is, and I can pounce on her any time I want. I just feel like sleeping in the garden right now:

No, those aren't snakes. They're actually something worse. Mom calls them "soaker hoses" and when they're turned on, they make my nice sleeping spot ALL WET. Gross!

Well, I wanted to tell you all about my deck. Since it is MY deck and not Bathsheba's! I usually sleep out there because someone has to protect the place from all the vicious animals that come in the night.

Just last week a big ol' coon came on my deck. Unfortunately, I was away prowling at the time. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) Well, this coon had the audacity to wash his filthy paws in my nice clean water dish. (It even has my name on it!) Then he must have sniffed in my food dish, but I'm real good about cleaning my plate; I don't leave any crumbs! Well, that must have made him mad because he proceeded to take his muddy paw and made a paw print right in the middle of my dish. When Mom saw it the next morning at breakfast, she scrubbed and sanitized it real good. She didn't want me to get any coon germs! But she destroyed the evidence! She should have been like the CSIs and at least taken a picture of it before she erased the evidence. And now you all might not believe me that I have this vicious coon after my food. But it's true, and I'll make Mom take a picture if he ever dares to show his face on MY DECK again.

And while I'm at it, let me explain why I eat out on the deck. I think it's because Mom loves me extra special and wants me to eat al fresco out on the veranda, but mean old Bathsheba says it's because Mom is trying to keep me away from her food so she can eat in peace. I must admit that when we're fed side by side, I eat real fast so I can help 'Sheba with hers. Isn't everything for me?

~ Jake

In the Jungle . . .

Can you see me?

I'm in this jungle on the deck in our back yard. It's hot outside, but the air conditioning in the house is too cold, so I like the shade of these jungle plants. I can take a nap, and Jake doesn't even bother me.

Uh-oh. It looks like Mom found me. But that's all right. I was due for a break from napping. See how nice and shady my jungle is.

When I wake up, I have to wash my face first.

Hi everyone.

~ Bathsheba

Friday, August 25, 2006

Jake and Bathsheba's Blog

Meow, I'm Jake: And I'm Bathsheba:

We're two cats from Virginia, and Mom is helping us to start our own blog. First it's catster.com and now it's a blog. Visit us at catster at http://www.catster.com/?370380 and http://www.catster.com?370355.