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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get Well, Rocky!

Our great friend Rocky the Gutter Cat is sick. Bathsheba and I are united in our best wishes for him. Bathsheba is one of his spicy vixens, and I think of him as a role model for geezer ManCats. He really knows how to party with the 'nip. This is one of our favorite photos of him.

Get well, Rocky!




At Tuesday, May 29, 2007 11:26:00 PM, Blogger Zoey and the furballs said...

Thanks for spotlighting this wonderful cat!

At Wednesday, May 30, 2007 2:30:00 AM, Blogger Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

Gee, thanks, Dood! All the good thots coming my way have givin me a new leese on life!

At Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:31:00 AM, Blogger Daisy said...

What a fabulous photo!


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