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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mancat at the Office

Hi everyone, Jake here. Some of my friends know that I have not been well lately. I have no conclusive diagnosis, but it's probably related to my hyperthyroidism.

Mom became unhappy with my regular clinic, so she decided to get a second opinion from a holistic veterinarian. She practices conventional medicine plus things like acupucture. Unfortunately, she is located several towns away. I had my first appointment there on Monday, January 19 when Mom was off work for the MLK Day holiday. The new doctor mostly agreed with the conventional treatment for me, but I was in bad shape. I would not eat and she was very worried about my anorexia. She gave Mom more meds for me, took my blood, and administered sub-Q fluids.

My follow up appointment was Wednesday at 11 when Mom was to drop me off for the rest of the day. Because the new doctor was closer to where Mom works, she took me to her office in the morning.
I had never been there before, so I had to try out Mom's chair
and explore around the office. Mom's colleagues were surprised that I was so sick because I was very alert and wanted to explore.
The afternoon at the vet's office was almost like I imagined an afternoon at the spa. I was treated very well, the air was wonderfully humidified, there was soft stress-reducing music, and the place smelled good. The doctor said that I had made a lot of progress in those two days.
I am on three different meds, Tapazole for my thyroid, an antibiotic for an infection, and something that acts as an appetite stimulant. The doctor gave Mom some tips on medicating me. Now she wraps me in a towel with just my head poking out so I can't bat her away with my paws. I guess it's for the best, but I hate having pills shoved down my throat.

I'm eating a little better, but still not enough to satisfy Mom. I think the only thing that satisfies her is that I snuggle close to her and purr and purr.
I do a lot of sleeping and this is my favorite spot on Mom's bed when she is not there.
I still feel that I have a lot of life left in me and hope to enjoy Valentine's Day with the lovely DaisyMae.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Cousin Edgar - Mancat in Training on ManCat Monday

Mom visited our handsome Maine Coon cousin Edgar last month and has been meaning to post photos. So here, late on Mancat Monday, she is finally doing so. I'm told that these photos don't do justice to his magnificent tail.

We introduced him back in October. In these photos from December, he is eight months old.

Edgar was named for Edgar Allan Poe by Mom's niece. Mom's brother used to work part-time at Richmond's Edgar Allen Poe Museum and her niece volunteered there.

Maybe if Edgar ever met the famous raven, it would say "Nevermore" no more!



Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Christmas Vacation Report by Bathsheba


The holidays are coming to a close and, after a four-day holiday for New Year's Day, Mom goes back to work tomorrow. We had a nice Christmas Day at home and our new year was uneventful as we like it.

Our main gift was this crazy contraption. Mom thought that we would like to rub on its bristles since we are always rubbing our cheeks against walls, doors, furniture, you name it. I think that it looks like something to clean the human toilet so I'm not so sure I want to use it on my face.

For Christmas I guess I liked the extra Temptations treats best.

The day after Christmas we both were put in PTUs and went on a weekend trip with Mom. She picked up her brother (and his dog Rags) near Richmond along the way, and we all ended up at Mom's sister's beach house near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Thank goodness Rags seemed oblivious to the fact that Jake and I were in the back seat. We kept quiet the whole way and that pleased Mom very much.

We made ourselves at home at the beach house. We had a different guest room from the last time we were there, but this one was very nice and also had a private bath for our litter box room.

Jake was still not feeling well, but seemed to eat a little better when we were away. He never left the room and seemed to enjoy the comfort of the bed very much.

I did not witness this, but Mom actually went wading in the cold ocean surf. And with a DOG! The dog is named Skillet and is a three-month old black labrador of Mom's nephew and girlfriend.
Mom is making me include this cute picture of him with sand on his face. When I met him, he steered clear of me with my fierce hiss and extra claws that are super sharp.

I didn't fare as well with this other puppy named Brewster whom I had met on my previous visit.

He seemed to be fascinated with my butt. Dogs!

Here are the other dogs that were there - Rags

and beagles Pudge and Roxy

Crazy puppies Brewster and Skillet

Now Mom wants me to include some other stuff. You may know that she is thrilled by plants and flowers. She was very impressed with rosemary shrubs in flower that her sister had planted at the beach house, and here is one.

She also tries to have something in bloom outdoors every month of the year. December is rather sparse, but we have a clump of snowdrops to bloom reliably that month every year.

It is even bigger now.
Even a little periwinkle flower bloomed here in January.
Mom didn't celebrate New Year's Day with a hike up our local Bull Run Mountain like she did last year, but she did go there yesterday.

The air was crisp and cold, and once again she sat on the rocks for about an hour before she got too cold.

We worry about Jake's health this year. He went back to the vet on Tuesday, December 30 and will return again on the 10th. He remains lethargic with little appetite. He is very loving with Mom, and I must admit that I'm just a little jealous of all the attention Mom gives to him.
Thank you for reading this long post. Again, Happy New Year, and best wishes for health and love this year.

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