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Monday, May 26, 2008

We're Still Around!

Hi, Everyone! Yes, we are still around! Mom has been too busy with "things" to help us blog and comment, but we have lurked in the background trying to keep up with some of you.

We were so saddened to hear of the passing of Bonnie Underfoot. Her situation with Victor was similar to mine with Jake.

See this beautiful sink here? Well, we are on a road trip right now. Like last December, we are in North Carolina at Mom's sister's house. Mom is chaperoning her 17 and 18 year old nieces to ensure that this house does not become "party central" while Mom's sister and brother-in-law celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary at their beach house. We have settled in nicely even if our two cousin kitties aren't very welcoming. Hisses all around!

Last week Mom had me pose on the fence just like Jake did last year. I wasn't too happy about being put up there (it's six feet high) so I gave Mom a nice scratch.

No birdies here this year.

I guess I should tell everyone about Jake. He has been VERY SICK. He wasn't eating, was very lethargic, and did quite a bit of spitting up. Mom got very worried, but didn't take him to the vet until Monday, May 19. He had to stay overnight in the hospital for tests and treatment. He had a fever of 104.5. They decided he had an infection and put him on antibiotics. The doctor thought that it might be related to gingivitis because his dental hygiene suffered ever since he started on Fancy Feast so Mom could hide pills for his hyperthyroidism in the wet food. (I will only eat crunchy dry food.) He also was given an IV because he was dehydrated.
Mom brought Jake back home on Tuesday night and had to give him antibiotics in addition to his Tapazole for hyperthyroidism. The doctor also wanted Jake to have some plain yogurt to reestablish to good bacteria in his tummy and he gave Mom some bland prescription canned food. Jake would have none of it! His lack of appetite continued so Mom took him back to the vet on Friday. Another vet in the practice gave Jake a full exam, reviewed the blood test results, and consulted with the first vet. They decided that maybe Jake had a bile buildup that may be caused by a gall stone. They immediately suspended the antibiotic treatment and put Jake on another medication called Ursodiol and added some chicken flavoring and something that would restore the good bacteria like yogurt would. ANYWAY, he is feeling MUCH better and is eating again. Mom is so relieved. Everyone knows that I don't like him, but I would feel very bad if anything happened to him. He is my brother, after all.
We don't think that we will ever get to blog much any more. Mom's love life has taken a turn in her favor and she is also busy with work and activities. (She even took the day off and hiked Old Rag Mountain on Thursday, Daisy!) She prefers that her quality time with us to be sans computer. We miss all our wonderful friends, but will continue to try to check in periodically even if we cannot comment.
Cheers from Wake Forest, NC!

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